Does Marijuana Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Does Marijuana Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Globally, the use and legalization of cannabis is increasing. Marijuana is used in many treatments in medicine. Erectile dysfunction has many causes and cannabis use has also been associated with erectile dysfunction.

 How much does cannabis use increase erectile dysfunction?

 In a study of 3395 people, it was observed that cannabis users were twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction. Latin nameCannabis sativa It is estimated that approximately 147 million people consume cannabis each year, with a worldwide use rate of 2.5%. Although it is prohibited in many countries in the world, it is sold legally in some countries such as South America. Concern about its enactment stems from the uncertain consequences on public health, when we look at other health problems, it is known that cannabis poisoning can cause cognitive and memory problems, it can cause addiction and psychotic complaints, and it also negatively affects the respiratory system in the trachea and lungs. Cannabis use during pregnancy may have deleterious effects on infant birth weight reduction.

 Two mechanisms are contemplated for the effect of cannabis on erectile dysfunction.

  • disrupting the region of the brain that regulates sexual behavior and erection stimulation in the hypothalamus region
  • it directly affects the tissue in the penis by disrupting it


In some patients who are affected by conditions such as depression, anxiety disorder, and pain in non-chronic cannabis users, sexual desire may improve sexual function.

There is inconsistency in cannabis-related scientific studies because investigating the potential effects of cannabis based on strain, potency and frequency unfortunately created a difference in standardization between studies.

Does Marijuana Cause Infertility?

There is no clear evidence to show whether cannabis harms sperm production in the testicles. Some studies say that using cannabis once a week impairs sperm quality, while some studies have not seen a difference in sperm quality between cannabis users and non-users. More frequent sexual activity, having multiple sexual partners, inconsistent among cannabis users use of contraception, rates of sexually transmitted infections are higher


As a result, when we look at scientific studies. There is no study that can clearly demonstrate the relationship between cannabis and erectile dysfunction. When we look at population-based studies, it has been observed that erectile dysfunction can be seen 2 or 4 times more often in cannabis users.

When I look at my own clinical experience, I see that the use of cannabis causes serious sexual reluctance rather than erectile dysfunction. Because the pleasure that a person gets from cannabis, the effect it creates on the brain cannot come out with sexual intercourse, and the pleasure one gets from sexual intercourse can never approach the level of pleasure one gets when using cannabis.


 Many of my patients with a history of drug use applied to Me for lack of sexual desire, and when these patients applied to me, they had been experiencing sexual reluctance for a long time. They had used many treatment options with their own efforts. Rather than erectile dysfunction, the person's interest in the opposite sex disappeared. He didn't have a problem, it's really hard to arouse his sexual desire again and to increase his interest in his wife. This situation reduces the happiness of the couple to the bonds of love.

Relationship Between Cannabis Use and Erectile Dysfunction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


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